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The Grill Sergeant BBQ

Since 1996

Since 1996

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Welcome to The Grill Sergeant BBQ, where we proudly serve the best authentic wood-smoked BBQ in the world! Our passion for perfectly smoked meats, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, sets us apart as a leader in the BBQ industry.

At The Grill Sergeant BBQ, we specialize in full catering services, offering a wide range of options to suit any event or occasion. Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a backyard barbecue with friends, we have you covered. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that every aspect of your event is a success.

One of our specialties is whole hogs, which we slow-cook to perfection over a wood fire. The result is tender, juicy meat with a rich, smoky flavor that is sure to impress your guests. In addition to whole hogs, we also offer a variety of other smoked meats, including ribs, chicken, and pork. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that it will be cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor.

At The Grill Sergeant BBQ, we take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional smoking techniques to create our mouthwatering dishes. We believe that great BBQ is a labor of love, and we are committed to providing our customers with an unforgettable dining experience.

So whether you’re craving our famous whole hog, some juicy ribs, or a classic BBQ chicken, come visit us at The Grill Sergeant BBQ. We guarantee that you’ll leave satisfied and counting down the days until your next visit.

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The Grill Sergeant BBQ Catering Division is open year-round.

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Serving up the best Wood Smoked BBQ Thursday  through Sunday in the parking lot of Lusby Pharmacy in Lusby, MD.


Thur-Sun : 11am – 5pm*

(410) 610-8487

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We Believe in Quality

BBQ meat cooked the right way is very tasty in its own right WITHOUT sauce! But if you need sauce or dry rub, there are none better to try than THE GRILL SERGEANT BBQ!

BBQ Tips from the Grill SGT

Where there is smoke, there is flavor!

The advantage of using wood over briquettes or lump charcoal is the flavor imparted by the smoke.

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